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CARES Research

Research at CARES with kids

CARES' faculty, staff, and graduate students are actively engaged in research directed at improving educational, behavioral, and social outcomes for individuals with developmental and/or intellectual disabilities and their families. CARES research teams collaborate with other teams at universities throughout TX, across the US, and around the world.


Dr. Reem Muharib and Dr. Katherine Ledbetter-Cho direct research teams of CARES graduate students to address research questions that emerge from our clinical services. They also pursue external grant funding and conduct independent lines of research within CARES.

Dr. Reem Muharib: Dr. Reem Muharib is an Assistant Professor of Special Education. She received her PhD. in Special Education from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and joined the faculty at Texas State University in 2019. Her research interests include challenging behavior and communication skills of individuals with autism spectrum disorder and other developmental disabilities. 

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Dr. Katherine Ledbetter-Cho earned her doctoral degree in special education with a concentration in autism and developmental disabilities at the University of Texas. She has provided training to clinicians, teachers, and parents in the implementation of applied behavior analytic techniques. Dr. Ledbetter-Cho's research is focused on using technology to improve the academic and safety skills of individuals with autism.

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