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Support the Clinic

Ways to Give

The Clinic for Autism Research, Evaluation and Support provides assessment, behavioral intervention, educational support, and a variety of other services designed to improve educational outcomes and quality of life. CARES depends on support from the College of Education, grant agencies, foundations, and individual community members. We sincerely appreciate those who have helped us develop this clinic and better serve the community. 

There are several ways to support CARES. Donations can be made to contribute to CARES' research, fund services for CARES' clients, or to the further development of CARES.

To Donate to CARES:
1. Click Donate button below.
2. Select the amount you would like to give.
3. CARES does not appear in the pull down list of options. Please type "CARES" into the search field below the pulldown list.
4. Select the CARES fund you would like to contribute to.
5. Complete the payment process.

If you'd like to discuss other options for supporting the clinic, please contact CARES' Director, Dr. Russell Lang (


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Supporting Gifts

James A. "Buddy" Davidson CARES Scholarship Endowment
William Edman of Houston, Texas

The Garner Family of Buda, Texas

In Landen's Light
             H. L. & Mary C. Schulle Excellence Fund
David and Ruth Wendel
David Wendel I
Thomas G. Salome Jr.

Grant Funding

William Edman of Houston Texas
Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board Autism Grant Program
Organization for Autism Research
Texas Health and Human Service Commission
Texas Department of Family Protective Services



The Henry L. and Mary C. Schulle Excellence Fund is “to support research, administration, operations and professional preparation in the areas of special education, school psychology, communication disorders (speech and hearing), professional counseling, exercise science and related fields with a preference for the subsequent benefit to individuals diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders (ASD).”

The James A. “Buddy” Davidson CARES Scholarship Endowment awards one annual scholarship to a family in need to enable them to access services provided by CARES.

CARES Autism Clinic – Program Enhancement provides funding to support the CARES assessment, educational treatment, and leisure services for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders and their families. This funding might support such components as the general operations of CARES, travel to homes, schools, and other agencies, assessment and educational materials, training and treatment technologies, graduate assistantships, and marketing.

CARES Autism Clinic – Research provides funding to support meaningful research related to Autism Spectrum Disorders that informs the field and potentially improves the quality of life for individuals with these disorders and their families.