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District Services

CARES Educational Clinic Services Catalog

This catalog lists the services provided by CARES during the global pandemic with the restrictions that are currently in place. It contains descriptions of services and cost per service. It is important to remember that all services are individualized and therefore prices may vary per the needs of the clientele. 

School-Based Consultation Services

  • Price: $95.00/hr (BCBA), $150.00/hr (BCBA-D)

    • Meeting with District personnel to determine needs of the case(s)
    • Observations of and data collection for target and replacement behaviors will occur as appropriate
    • Reports, recommendations and graphs of additional assessment and analysis of data as necessary
    • Services can include, but are not limited to:
      • Training for teachers, parents, and other caregivers on the implementation of ABA strategies, data recording, and BIP implementation using any of the following: Telehealth, Role-play, modeling, direct instruction, on-going coaching and feedback, and procedural fidelity.
      • Evaluation of individual educational programs
      • Meeting with parents and school personnel when necessary to coordinate all recommendations relative to the reduction of problem behavior, the prevention of further challenging behavior, and the building of appropriate functional behavior for individual students.
    • Attendance in ARD/IEP/IFSP meetings to provide information and encourage collaboration among staff and family members for developing and monitoring individualized plans.

    All meetings may or may not be conducted virtually

  • Price: $1,500.00 per assessment

    The FBA consists of:

    • Structured and unstructured interviews with teachers, parents, and other caregivers
    • Direct observation of the individual in multiple environments
    • For particularly challenging cases, a functional analysis (involves the intentional systematic manipulation of antecedents and consequences though tto be associated with problem behavior)
    • Upon completion of the FBA, a full written report, relevant graphs, and conclusions, which can be used to create a function-based recommendation
    • Presentation of the report is required at the ARD meeting and will be charged additionally as individual case consultation ($95.00 per hour)

    This service may or may not be available depending on the situation due to the pandemic

  • Price: $100.00 per hour

    • Based on an FBA results, assistance for completing an individualized BIP based on components of positive behavioral interventions and supports (PBIS)

    We will not create a BIP if we did not conduct the FBA

    • Consultation with the individual's teachers and parents (required)
    • A plan to be used in the event problem behavior presents a threat to physical safety
    • Recommended strategies for data collection and progress monitoring
    • A plan to fade the intervention over time
    • ARD attendance (required)

    This service may or may not be available depending on the situation due to the pandemic

  • Price: $175.00 per hour (1-5 hours), $950.00 per day (full day)

    • 1-5 hour workshops or full day workshops are available
    • Trainings may include hands-on practice and utilize Behavioral Skills Training to teach the skill
    • A variety of topics are available for training and all trainings are individualized
    • Individual case follow-up is highly recommended following group professional development, but not required

    These trainings may or may not be conducted virtually

  • Travel Fees

    Travel fees incur for any of the above services requested that are completed outside of the CARES clinic. Travel fees incur at 15-minute increments and are added to BIP, individual case consultation, or professional development hours.

Other Services

  • Price: $75.00 per hour (individual), $40.00 per hour (group)

    Contact us for more information

  • Price: $500.00 (individual certification)

    • 40-hour modules included. BCBA assigned to supervise and complete the competency assessment
    • Visit for requirements

    Contact us for more information

  • Price varies per training

    • Group trainings are offered for professionals and parents throughout the year
    • Trainings can be web-based or in-person

    Contact us for more information

  • Price: $95/Hour

Please contact CARES for more information